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ARC Review

Sins of the Tribe by Mark A. Salter

Rating 3.75/5 stars

This book shows you behind the curtain of college sports. It shows you that it isn't always an amazing thing and that it can be a toxic environment. In the book it shows that as long as the team wins the games then any and all acts can and will be forgiven. Yes this is a fictional team, but it begs the question: How often does this go on in the real world?

The book follows two brothers who both play football where one is a quarterback, just not a starter and the is a other non-diagnosed handicapped kicker. The holder for the kicker is his brother.

The book did start of slow, but once I got into it, it was a really fascinating read. If you are a big football fan you will love how detailed the plays are in this book, if not then you will just have to try to read through them. Thanks to BookishFirst and Greenleaf Publishers for the Advanced Reader Copy.