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• Book Review: Sins of the Tribe by Mark A. Salter

First, I want to say I’m not the biggest fan of football. However, I recently finished the latest season of All American and for some reason and it had me super intrigued to read this book.

This book reminded me so much of the latest season, as it portrays the toxic environment of college football. We all know there are always high expectations for the players and it came added some toxicity.

I really enjoyed this book and following these characters… not only did it have players, but also coaches, alumni, and fans. It was such an interesting read and I’m surprised by how much I ended up enjoying it.

This story revolves around two brothers - same age, different mothers - as one of them isn’t good enough for college football and the other is a star kicker in the college league.

These brothers dream of making it to the big league but have to come to terms with the reality and harsh community.

My only issue was that it started off a bit slow. I personally didn’t mind the talk about football, it was so interesting as I don’t read many sports books.

I was very surprised by this book and the enjoyment I had with it. I would definitely recommend it!