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The world of college football is something that I know nothing about but this book involves so much more. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading it. I have no idea if this kind of corruption and coverup really occurs but since the author’s bio says that he played football in college, I’m assuming that it is unfortunately accurate. This book takes readers on an emotional roller coaster and is a great story even if you’re not a football fan. The author is very skilled at portraying the emotions of the characters, especially Wally, the narrator. I really liked the way he focused on the concept of “the tribe” and all the sociology underneath the relationships and how people interact based on different influences. The resolutions of all the “wrongs” committed is probably not realistic but made for a very satisfying ending. The character development was great! My only criticism is entirely personal and probably unique to a non-football fan - the detailed descriptions of football plays was boring for me but I’m sure fans of the game will love these inclusions. And describing football plays is certainly not the primary focus and these inclusions are few and far between.