Not for me

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Want to say thank you for giving me the chance to read and try to expand my thought process alittle bit.
First off I knew 2 things going into this. One this very well is far out of my normal for reading, and two I very well might not enjoy this.
Sadly I can say I didn’t read this and feel myself engaging with multi deep meaningful growth. Or really much of anything aside of what in the world. It’s like it had this off but to it? Maybe an underlying meaning that I just could not for the life of me connect with and actually learn something or it wasn’t written into a concept that I was like AH HA I get it! The thing about a self help or self worth growth whichever you feel comfortable clutching on is that usually a reader has that AH HA moment somewhere in the book. Or they cling to an aspect and it settles like a plant seed and grows roots and stems so the person comes out with this pretty thing they’re nurtured. But as I said something in this just never settled for me. I truly hope for my sanity I can go and sorta skim other reviews in the hope it’s nestled with someone but I don’t think this was for me to gain.