Not For Me

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Books like these are always a challenge for me because I understand the merit and audience for them, but also see some ethical issues. I notice a lot of people that buy self-help books do it as a supplement to long term treatments like therapy or counseling. I am not saying that authors intentionally sell their story as a quick fix to complex problems, but I wish people would take memoirs at face value rather than look further in. While this was an okay read, I kept finding myself losing focus and my mind drifting elsewhere. I didn’t gain a lot from it and felt it just wasn’t for me overall. I’ve struggled with many topics mentioned in this book but have come to terms in my own life. The bottom line is that there is no be all, end all fix for complicated life issues surrounding sex, drugs, and alcohol. Yes, what May work for one person may not work for me but, I would rather people got effective help.