it was meh

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I did not like the writing style or context of some of the book. I liked the title and certain aspects but otherwise it sucked. I wanted to DNF it so bad but couldn't due to this review. I gave it a 3 because of the title and I feel I have to be a little bit nicer than I wish to be.

It sucked that is all there is to say. It was not interesting, or special at all. The author goes on these weird rants for pages and pages about random topics that bore me to death. I thought the concept for the book was interesting otherwise I would have never finished it.

Essentially this book is about a drunk guy reflecting on his college years when he was high, and could get some. He writes in a way that doesn't excite me to read it and pick it up again. It took me months to read it because I got distracted by other books.

It was a waste of time to read this book, in my opinion. Don't read it!