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I've never considered myself someone who would typically go to a library or browse online and reach for a self help book, but here I am. This was so different than what I read on a daily basis but I liked it. I'm surprised I enjoyed it because when it comes to myself I tend to shy away from "self help" stuff which is the opposite of what I should be doing and this book helped me realize that. It was really interesting and I think it is something that I could picture myself now browsing for and going out of my way to search up. This gave me a look inside a genre I've never explored before and I enjoyed it very much. The way the author writes was great and what helped me get into what I read. Overall this is something I can see some people not enjoying but it's just because it is a book that clearly has a target audience and people who would enjoy it more than others. I think I might end up checking out the whole book.