Definitely good for the correct audience

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This book is a great "how to" and how one man's experience with crime, drugs and pulling himself up by his boot straps to heal and improve his life.

This book is one man's experience, and so it might be hard to use this as a legitimate "how to" to change your own life. Everyone's life is SO different, that using this as a "cookie cutter" map to heal ones own life may be a reach. I felt like just because this man was able to heal himself, others may not be able to have the ability to do this. It might be setting some up for failure and disappointment. I feel like this may be unrealistic for some to use and expect it to heal themselves.

For some, this might be dangerous. It may urge them to forgo professional treatment, even for depression or drug use. Some definitely need this professional help, and forgoing it may lead to death or relapse. I think it could be playing with fire, for some.

The bottom line is, for some, this might be helpful. But others this might be a downward spiral to harm