Turned off by a quote

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I am not generally one to read self-help books or memoirs, so I wasn't expecting to want to read this anyways, but I was especially turned off of reading it by a quote early in the book. The author writes, "This book is for anyone wanting to regain authentic control of their life by releasing themselves from the shame, guilt, and perceived judgements they feel for not being enough. Enough of a husband, father, lover, leader, sibling, and all-around human." The author starts with anyone and then uses specific examples to him (e.g. husband, father). While the emphasis is probably meant to be on anyone, it did not make me want to read on as a female. I'm giving it a two, because I'm sure there are others that will find this book useful or interesting, but I am just not one of them as that quote made me think I'm not necessarily in the book's demographics (intentionally or otherwise).