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This is a really cute YA love story of 2 childhood best friends reconnecting after 3 years apart. Hannah is a spitfire and I love her strength and drive. While she tried to be more American and try to fit in, she realizes as she got older she should be more accepting of her Korean heritage. Jacob becomes a heartthrob k-pop star when his family moved back to Korea. After lossing his father and feeling like it's his responsibility to take care of the family even if it means sacrificing his own happiness.

Hannah and Jacob reunite, but not in the best way. They parted ways on bad terms and Hannah is known for holding grudges. Eventually, they can't keep avoiding each other since they are living in the same home the whole summer. Hannah wants to get Nate back and Jacob just wants to enjoy his summer. He blackmails Hannah into being his chauffer and tour guide, but they start talking and feelings start to rekindle.

I really enjoyed reading about Hannah and Jacob. There's the usual teen angst and emotions. I do wish it had more depth to their story, it was very much on the surface.