Cute Summer Read - Looking Forward to More from Susan Lee

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Seoulmates is the perfect teen romance/summer/coming-of-age read. This is a debut novel from Susan Lee and I will certainly read more from her! This story checked a lot of boxes for me personally, as a San Diego native and k-pop/k-drama enthusiast, as there are frequent references to popular activities and places in the city, as well as familiar musician and actor names. Anyone who is a fan of hallyu will enjoy these references throughout.

It took the greater part of the book to warm up to the main character, Hannah, as her inner dialog early on veered a bit immature and even unkind - however, she and Jacob balance each other nicely and I was ultimately rooting for their budding relationship to succeed. I also enjoyed the alternating perspective from each of them, which gave the reader a clearer view into the plot before new information was known by every character in the story.

The smaller characters added to the story greatly. More of the meddling moms, please!