Okay, So I Don't Like Kpop (But The MC Doesn't Either)

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I went into this First Look a little hesitant.

I'm not that big into K-pop or K-dramas. Never got the urge to look into them and pick a bias, despite the fact that all my friends go crazy for those BTS boys. So when I saw this book talking about K-dramas, I wasn't all that excited to look into it.

"But it's a free excerpt!" I thought. "Why not try it out?"

One of my favorite things about this First Look is how the main character isn't really into K-pop or K-dramas as well. I could feel an instant connection to her through our mutual feelings on being an outsider in a friend group obsessed with Korean pop culture. While her friend gives her recommendations on things to look into, the main character skims over the list a bit confusedly, which is the same way I felt having to read through what's popular. Who are these people? Why should I care?

I also really liked how Hannah's side of the story was immediately funny. I enjoy a good book filled with humorous writing, which really helped endear me to this story.

However, Jacob's side to the story, or as much as I could see from this First Look, emotionally exhausted me. I was already tired of reading about his story and never wanted to return to what happens in his world.

I have hopes for this book, however. With Jacob returning to the US, even if it's for a short time, it should distance him from the difficulties being an actor troubles him with. It's obvious he isn't enjoying his current career path, so I can only help that continuing on with this book will show the story of him learning how to find a job he enjoys and be himself, rather than who his manager says he needs to be.

I think I'd still like to continue on with this book, despite my negative reaction to Jacob's side of the story, and see how it goes beyond this First Look.