A cute friends-to-lovers YA novel

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At first glance, the cover is cute. The title is punny. After reading the First Impression, I get why it's suggested that fans of Jenny Han will like this book. I can feel similar vibes and that's a good thing since I've read TO ALL THE BOYS numerous times. I'm a sucker for the friends-to-lovers trope. With only the first two chapters to review, I have to make an assumption that subsequent chapters will alternate POV between Hannah and Jacob. I like the dual POV so that we can really see how each character thinks/feels.

How awkward is it [Hannah] to find out that your childhood friend you haven't seen for years is coming to live with you (and he's a K-drama star)? How uncomfortable [Jacob] will living with your friend you really cared about be and will you tell her how you feel? I look forward to reading the rest of SEOULMATES to find out how they deal with their situation and how their relationship changes.