Save Me From Dangerous Men Review

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This was a super great read! It took me forever to find this book, finally got lucky and found it on hoopla. Pretty sure i hadn't been on this site yet when it was in the giveaway so I've been trying to find it for like two years and just now found it but oh i am so happy i did! I really loved so many things about this book! The characters were, well not always likeable/liked by everyone they were sure badass! I also love books so the book store thing really made me love this boook so much more than i likely would have because it makes me like the main character that much more lmao.

I would highly recommend to anyone who likes mysteries and people getting what's coming to them! Very burn notice like justice and badass characters. Very much looking forward to reading the next book in this series and reallyl hoping there will be more to come as well! 5 stars