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Enjoyed this book from start to finish

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The protagonist in this book is a very strong female, and I am so thankful for her! Nikki is a pool playing, motorcycle riding woman who can take care of herself in more ways than one. She does not tolerate domestic violence and has taught more than one man a lesson they won't forget. Despite being tough as nails, she's likeable! Her day job is a book store owner (let's upgrade her to loveable); and she runs it with her best friend and her cat (though the cat only got to help kick butt once so I feel his character was a little underrepresented😿).

In addition to saving women from bad men, Nikki also takes care of her brother from time to time, tries to fit in a dating life (without scaring him off), and is tasked with saving multiple lives by solving a mystery in a short amount of time while more bad men try to stop her. Good thing she's got the smarts to match her toughness!