A good start

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Nikki Griffin is a private investigator, a vigilante, and the owner of a book store. That should make her my BFF, but as she so readily admits, she doesn't let people get close. Even her own BFF doesn't really know her. I think this might be a struggle for an ongoing series. The first chapter was overkill and thankfully the writing and the story get better after that. Maybe it was for shock value or to start off knowing how badass Nikki is? Either way, It is tempting to roll your eyes and just walk away at that point. (The title didn't help either.) But Nikki slowly lets the reader in to her personal life and the case she is hired for is interesting. Hopefully we will get more from the supporting characters, like Jess at the bookstore, and Brandon her drug addicted brother. I think this has great potential to be a really good series. I hope someone helps Mr. Lelchuk with how he presents his characters so they have more depth and are not stereotypes.