A Daring Bookshop Owner

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By day, she’s a knowledgeable bookshop owner, by night, she’s a private investigator determined to find justice for abused women. In between, Nikki Griffin manages to keep an eye on her drug-addicted brother. When there’s a threat to the life of the woman she’s following as part of an investigation, Nikki intervenes and soon finds that she’s the one in danger.

The debating detectives club is a highlight of the tale; mostly, however, the narrative seems over-filled with clichés and has an uncomfortable unevenness. Although the story has some wonderful literary references sprinkled throughout, there are plot points that often leave readers shaking their heads in amazement. The woman’s supposed to be an investigator, but she doesn’t make good use of the search tools available to her.

The idea of a woman seeking to right the world’s wrongs is, in and of itself, appealing, but Nikki Griffin often makes questionable choices and the sheer illegality of some of her actions may be a major sticking point for many readers.