Oh man oh man...

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To me Nikki Griffin sounds like a female version of Dexter, and I am SO here for it! You take those guys who abuse women and treat them like dirt and give them a taste of their own medicine girlfriend! I’ll be right here cheering you on....Page after page!

She is exactly the type of heroine that I could see within myself...buried in books and cozy blankets by day and a mischievous seductress who goes out for blood at night!

But who are these men that are after Karen and what do they want? Will it somehow tie into something that Nikki has done, or could it be a set up? I can’t wait to find out!!

Oh fast- paced “try as hard as you can to figure out the twist” types of thrillers, you truly have my heart! Hopefully this book grabs some men by the balls as well for breaking those hearts!