Truly Incredible

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This is one of the first truly fantasy novels I have ever read and I am so glad it was this story that sucked me into the genre.

Set in the fictional nation of Crache, Savage Legion sets the tone for this thrilling trilogy. The story focuses on three different women from three different classes, all from the same nation. Lexi, a Gen pleader desperate to find her missing husband, while also becoming the leader she was born to be. Evie, a street hardened warrior with a mission to infiltrate the Savage Legion and recover somebody from her past. Finally, Dyeawan, a young woman with a remarkable brain taken from the streets and thrust into the inner workings of the nation. The women quickly learn that the nation they call home is not at all what they've been spoon fed. Their "protectors" are crooked, their "leaders" unseen, and their citizens are in danger of becoming pawns in a deadly war that is not all it seems. The women quickly realize a revolution is afoot and all three play a massive part in its success.

I cannot sing enough praise about this book. The pacing is incredibly swift but does not feel rushed and the world building is remarkable. The characters, even the minor ones, are well written and full of personality. I am obsessed with this story and won't have a good night's sleep until I can finish the trilogy!