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SAVAGE LEGION captures what lies at the heart of epic fantasy—sweeping journeys, brutal battles, and impossible odds—but with diverse characters who defy the status quo.

Savage Legion

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“Smart characters and brutal action create an intriguing story about power...filled with rich worldbuilding and people who battle bravely.” —Library Journal, STARRED review

In SAVAGE LEGION, readers enter a world that shows what lies beneath the veneer of a so-called utopia, but is rotting from the core with corruption and systematic oppression. In it, the underdogs of society rise up to right the wrongs of their city.

A novel of resistance and rebellion that hits all the right notes of classic epic fantasy while ditching it’s characteristic homogeneity, SAVAGE LEGION is a much-needed addition to this beloved subgenre of speculative fiction.

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Matt Wallace

Matt Wallace is the Hugo-nominated author of multiple novellas as well as over one hundred short stories in addition to writing for film and television. His award-winning podcast, cohosted with fellow award-winning author Mur Lafferty, has a dedicated following with well over 600,000 downloads. In his youth he traveled the world as a professional wrestler and unarmed combat and self-defense instructor before retiring to write full-time. He now resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Nikki.

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Publisher Saga Press
Genre Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Publication Date Jul 21 2020
ISBN 9781534439207


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