Ready for Book Two

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Savage Legion follows three sides of the same story behind the eyes of three strong female protagonists:

Evie aka the Sparrow General aka the warrior/'Savage'.
Lexi aka lover of her people aka former 'wife behind the man' turned principled woman with a mission.
Dyeawan aka the genius, paraplegic with an unknown past and the weight of Crache in her hands.

Fanatics of dystopian worlds and government conspiracies would love Savage Legion. Action enthusiasts would really be into this book as well because of the frequent entertaining and in depth bloody, close combat fighting that's written wonderfully into the story. There are battles and massacres galore that really brought this book to the next level for me. I also love the inclusion of the non-binary aka Undeclared characters in this story.

There was a lot of slow-ish world building/explaining in the first few segments of the book which is to be expected in the first part of a trilogy but some things were also context clues type things to figure out that took a bit of getting used to to understand.

As I got closer and closer to the end, preemptively knowing that this is the first book in a trilogy and that the story wouldn't end here provided a whooole lot of comfort. I am definitely looking forward to book two and seeing how all the players in the story come together and what becomes of the Savage Rebellion.