This could be a movie!

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Reading the back of the synopsis I could totally this being turned into a movie! An ex FBI agent trying to clear his name and his life turns into shambles.. count me in! Jackson has tons of dedication and ambition to get to his end goals. I felt this story was fast paced but had too many characters involved. For a first book I felt some characters could of been left out until later books. When authors add too many characters it’s hard to follow and often gets mixed up. I would of loved to have a character reference if this was the case. I am not a computer junky or studied any terms. I wish some terms were broken down where readers could easily understand. The writing style was good and the characters I did remember I enjoyed. Jackson and his partners tracking down the money that Daeman had stole was a believable and thrilling adventure. I would of kept the romance out and stayed with just the action!