Satan’s Gold wasn’t golden

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Tyler Jackson, a former member of the FBI, is obsessed, obsessed with finding Daemon and the money that he stole from the Russian Federation. He is so obsessed that his life outside of the search for Daemon has suffered in irreversible ways, putting his life and the lives of those he cares about in danger. Jackson receives help from some individuals gone rogue, including a wanted hacker, an ex-CIA agent, a former NYPD detective, and others. Daemon has help as well, from some equally talented people, and has proven before that he won’t go down without a fight. What is Jackson willing to do, and lose, to bring down Daemon?

Honestly, Satan’s Gold left me a little disappointed. I liked the basic idea of the novel, but I feel it could have been presented a little better. There seemed to be way more characters than was necessary, and the development of some of them was lacking, possibly as a result of the sheer number of them. It also seemed like many of them were going to be rather important to the story, but were rarely or never heard from again. I did enjoy the setting; novels that take place in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs can be fun to read. There was some good action in Satan’s Gold, but sometimes things seemed to jump around a little, and the ending, to me, was a little anticlimactic. It seemed to have so much promise based on the excerpt I had read; I wish I had gotten more of a thrill from it.