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Loved this book. Couldn't put it down at all. Kept me pulled into it. I highly recommend it. Would be a great book to talk about in book groups or to your friends. This is a five star book. The cover fits into what the book is about. I do plan on rereading this book later on this year. Have told a few people about this book to read.
Really enjoyed reading this book. Didn't take long for me to read at all. Was a really good book to read so yes I hope others love this book like I do. But this book does give off the feel like it could be series. But it also would be cool as a movie or a tv show. Like this book has so so so much to give and it had me thinking so much. Already read it twice. I'm already trying to recommend this book to people. Have shared it in groups and on my blog on Facebook. And have also posted about it on my own Facebook. My husband did snag my book from me pretty sure he is reading it right now