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This is not my typical read, but it intrigued me that an ex-FBI agent gets taken by the criminal who has destroyed his life and now he goes after him after stealing from the Russians and is after the federal reserve! Risking everything to get your life back is a good read, and if you add a little romance it can add to the story; although it did not detract from the twists and turns of this plot. The characters are complex and very well written and you get taken in by them. I was taken in by the book immediately and actually read in within the day. I enjoyed the old cop feel of the older movies, The plot was intriguing and the detail easy to imagine. As I neared the end, I was asking myself if this would actually be made into a series! The cover is excellent and actually pulls you towards the book, it is a fast, suspenseful and easy read. You won't be disappointed you picked it up!