Not My Thing

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I think that people who are fans of action type books and movies will really enjoy this, but overall it wasn’t for me. It was a very quick read, as it wasn’t that complex of a story line. I did feel as if the characters were a bit underdeveloped, though I did really enjoy the character of Dixie.
It was not what I expected. I was very intrigued by the name of the book and the cover when I first saw it, and it looked like an intriguing title unlike anything I’d read before. I feel as though the cover really draws you in, and overall it’s a good story idea. I feel as though if I were more into action type stories I would have enjoyed this story much more.
That being said, I do plan to lend this book to family members who are more into action type books than I, in the hopes that they’ll enjoy it. It might have just been that my personality didn’t mesh well, but I do think that this book has potential.