Not for me!

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As I requested this on NetGalley and got approved, I wasn’t too thrilled to go into it but of course I had to read it... and I did... here are my thoughts..

If you love fast paced thrillers with finance involved then this may just be for you.

Going into this story I wasn’t expecting much... honestly I didn’t even know what to expect. I did enjoy the characters and the writing style. I also loved how it was very quick and the pacing was fabulous.

However, I have never really loved a story with CIA and any other government involved in it. Unfortunately this wasn’t an exception to it. I honestly didn’t enjoy that aspect.

I absolutely love this cover. That’s what caught my eye and made me want to read it. I also felt attached to the main character. He was such a courageous and impactful man. He brought so much action, which I did enjoy.

Overall, this story just wasn’t for me. Do however take this review with a grain of salt.