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This is one of those hold on to your seats books! It’s is an action packed thriller that you will not be able to put down. There are so many layers to this book, and though the cyber talk went over my head at times, it was still thoroughly enjoyable. Tyler Jackson is a dynamic character, a former FBI agent, and an overall badass. He has been after a rouge CIA agent, who is known as Daemon, who is also basically Jackson’s arch nemesis, and has stolen from…who else, The Russians. Ok so that part may have been a little cliche, but the plot itself is well thought out. and most importantly, well written. I enjoyed this book. Like it was good, really very much so. I think my only critique is that it is smartly written in a way I wasn’t always able to follow but I feel that anyone who is tech savvy in the cyber talk level will do great with it and enjoy it even more.