Fast-Paced and Movie-Ready!!

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If you’re looking for a fast-paced thriller, set in the high-stakes world of global finance, look no further!

Satan’s Gold delivers on many levels. The story takes off right from the start, and never lets up. For the most part it’s easy to keep track of the various sets of players, though there are many.

The main character, Tyler Jackson, is a disgraced former FBI agent with a storied past with his former teammate. He has pulled together an interesting crew of three others with questionable backgrounds. They are rushing to find a mysterious ex-CIA financial analyst who has stolen billions from Russia and is funneling the money through the US Feral Reserve.

There is plenty of action and technical jargon. The various locations and the brief character backgrounds add to the thrill of the chase.

I have no trouble seeing this book as a big-screen movie! Read and enjoy!!