Bloody hell! Its AMAZING!

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This is a thriller/action book whose focus surrounds money and how the government secretly manages this kind of terrorism. Tyler Jackson, the former FBI agent, is on the quest of obtaining the money from "Daemon" who wants revenge due to how the CIA treated him. I appreciate how the author gave us both points of view from the "cat and the mouse" because it added adrenaline and tension to the reader. I enjoyed Jackson's gang and how their chemistry has let them figure the puzzle out. Seeing it from the point of view of "Daemon", has let me think of how many of these people are actually out there and in order for society to remain calm, they must be ignorant. There are people out there with massive amounts of power and the rest of us get to be their little minions.
My only critique would be that it was very predictable. I would have wanted more drama towards the end. It was a happy ending with every "good" person being alive and ready for what's next to come. In my opinion, I would have had a dramatic death between the gang. *cough *cough --dx.