Amazing Writing and Plot

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When an ex-CIA financial analyst known as the Daemon steals billions from the Russian federation, disgraces FBI agent Tyler Jackson is determined to catch him. Jackson has been chasing the Daemon for two years, and with the help of Suzanne, an infamous computer hacker known for her deadly computer viruses, he is closer than ever before.

This is a fast-paced story that winds together intrigue, romance, longing, and suspense that lasts throughout the entire story as Tyler tracks the Daemon and assassins track Tyler.

Ewing kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time as the story slowly unfolded around me. There's something chilling about the vivid descriptions Ewing uses of his characters in moments of peril. It made me hold my breath, frantically turning pages to see who lived and who was behind the mask.

This was a thrilling ride, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good, fast-paced, thrilling ride.