a fantastic crime novel from an emerging author

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I am a huge crime thriller fan. There's something so satisfying to me about the chase and such an inside, if fictional, perspective of law enforcement going after a bad guy. Recently, I have become more interested in financial crimes, so this book was really right on the nose for me. The characters in this book are great. Tyler Jackson, a man who loves his job so much that he's willing to put his personal life in jeopardy. Dixie, a female hacker with a Texas twang and the ability to out smart and out hack anyone. They are quite the duo. Another trope that I can't resist is the bad guy who used to be a good guy, the betrayal that runs deep and all of the inside knowledge that comes with it. If you're looking for a fantastic crime novel from an emerging author, this is the book for you!

Also, I'd like to note how special it was to see that this book was signed by the author. That was such a nice touch, so thank you, Michael.