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Very Tom Clancy-esque

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This book is perfect for fans of Tom Clancy and has the same kind of vibe that Jack Ryan novels give off.

I don't know if it's a military thing or just an author choice but the use of expletives in this book was a lot for me. The pace was very quick and kept you on your toes which I did like and the complexity of the situation of the hostages vs the criminals is intriguing. Quite frankly this reminded me more of the movie Air Force One but with an English twist and on a train vs a plane.

The writing is fine, I don't see any writing awards for this in my opinion but it was an overall ok book.

My husband, who is a very big fan of Tom Clancy and those kind of books, thoroughly enjoyed this more than I did. He enjoyed the back and forth between characters and the plot of the train hostages. He's looking forward to watching the movie adaptation of this book and really liked reading it.