Chunnel Vision

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This has a great setting for wicked baddies up to no-good, and with the basically English setting, I can see the movie version having some pretty coarse chavs and villains (in the English sense of the word - fraudsters, operators) in it. And if there is any way Jason Statham can join the cast, I will be thrilled.

I like the characters' banter and taking the mickey out of each other, and the story rolls along merrily with all sorts of technical and government-spec details, and info that would get any conspiracy theorists worth their salt starting to froth at the mouth.

The action and storytelling leads to all sorts of little dramatic moments and chapter closings where the drama is at a peak of intensity, the better to get you following along.

I think this would be perfect reading for the beach or a plane ride or somesuch setting. It's a fun and unpretentious thriller.