A little bit of everything

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Where do I even start with this book.

Its action packed
Soon to be a tv motions

This book was a lot but in a good way. Delphine and Tom relationship was one of the things I loved in this book. I just loved their relationship it was funny and worth reading. Not only that but Andy McNab just is great with words. Then I should talk about the cover. It is very simple but I think it's good like that. The plot overall was great. It definitely had me turning pages and wanting to read more. I was able to read it in more sitting.

I was actually in a book slump before this book but reading this book help that problem out.

Another thing I really liked about this book is the short chapters.

I never really read books like this but I do not regret it. It was action packed and had a little bit of everything. I really enjoyed this book. I recommend you to give it a try and see if your thing. I can't assure you it is but it is worth trying.