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This book has everything a rom-com lover needs!
-enemies to lovers
-family feud
-first love
-delicious food
And most importantly, it is set in vibrant northeastern Brazil.
I grew up in Brazil and can honestly say that this book is completely accurate as far as the setting-the Brazilian culture bleeds off the page-from music, to street food, to the slang, and the descriptions-Rebecca Cqrvalho has done a stellar job of transporting us to Lari and Pedro’s little corner of Brazil.
Do yourself a favor and pick this book up!
(Quick summary)
The Ramires and Molina families live across the street from each other and run rival bakeries named Salt and Sugar respectively. When tragedy strikes Lari’s family, they are faced with the decision of whether or not they can continue to support themselves with their bakery. As large chain stores threaten to push small business bakeries out of business, Lari must work with the son of her family’s enemy and competitor. Will they both be able to save their bakeries in time?