Stick it out to the second half!

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This book at first intrigued me when I read the first few pages online. Then I got the actual book, and became a little disappointed as I read on: the story dragged. In hindsight, the math class / extra credit plot line was just completely unnecessary and distracted from the main Romeo and Juliet story involving rival bakeries.

Half way through the book, it was like someone snapped their fingers and a new book began. The action started, all the most bittersweet emotions flowed, and none of that stopped until the book ended exactly how it has to end.

The book focuses very intensely on the MC, a girl in her last year of high school who wants to be a baker like her mom and grandma, instead of going to university as her mom wants and expects of her. Other characters have their own paths to figure out and everyone ends up following their dreams, but the reader only gets invested in the MC.

All in all a predictable but charming rom com with some more serious themes (grief) and delicious foods - what’s not to love!