So freaking cute!

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This book was SO cute! I loved both the characters and the family feud. There was so much going on between our two leads I couldn’t get enough of it!
Also the cover. I love covers and this one was just so freaking cute. The light colors. The font. Just in love!

I felt Laris pain so much. I am extremely close with my grandmother and thank god I still have here in my life but reading this book brought up so many feelings that I know one day I will feel and that was incredibly hard for me but I also super enjoyed it. It showed how human she was.

And then we bring in Pedro! Gah! He was such a cutie!!!! I loved them together so much. I was squealing And clutching the book to my chest. It was just lovely!

And the rival bakeries names! Salt and Sugar! I mean how freaking cute is that! Also just a perfect way to name the book as well!!

Overall really enjoyed this read! Definitely recommend!