Light hearted, but important!

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This novel is such a fun story. Two rivalry bakeries battling it out to keep their bakeries open against the big box store.
The Molina and Ramirez families have been fighting since the beginning of both bakeries and the feud has kept their families apart. Then the youngest members of the families Larissa and Pedro start an alliance that they hope will help both their families out. What they don't realize is that the decades old feud will get in the way and will be a challenge they may not be up to.
This novel is a great blend of enemies to lovers, while addressing a lot of generational problems in our society. Larissa is struggling to have her mom understand her and her desire to study at the culinary school. All her mom wants is for Lari to study accounting and be the first College student in the family. I can relate so much to this concept as I was the first person to get a degree in my family.
Pedro is in a similar boat trying to be good enough for his grandfather and trying to make his family proud. Both Larissa and Pedro work through so much in this novel from personal struggles to the grudge that has cursed their families.
I enjoyed this book as it was lighthearted and fun, while still discussing important subject like loss, growth, and community ties.