If Romeo & Juliet were modern time bakers

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The fascinating history of two riving families, fighting for survival in the bakery business.

Lari Ramires comes from a long line of Brazilian bakers, but unfortunately for her, her cooking abilities don't come as naturally for her as they do for the rest of her family. She describes herself with the words, "I got an impish thumb for disaster." which are pretty much true.

They own a bakery in Olinda, Brazil, when the sudden loss of her grandmother makes them question if the business would even survive without her. This book is dealing with the grief of losing someone you love, while accepting it's ok to move on.

They also rival with the Molinas’ bakery across the street, called Sugar, in contrast to their bakery being named Salt.

In this enemies to lovers story, the question begs: " Can a Ramires and a Molina truly trust one another?".