Enemies to Lovers and Family Feuds

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I loved this book. It was so cute. I loved getting to see Lari and Pedro's relationship develop from enemies due to their families' feud, to friends, to lovers. They got to know each other so deeply and slowly began to realize that they have more in common than not. Their love of cooking and their passion for their families' bakeries brought them together. These characters had so much depth to them, I loved getting to know them. Some of my favorite moments were the quiet conversations they had with each other where they finally had their guard down and were vulnerable with each other. Lari and Pedro both had their insecurities and it was amazing to see them encourage each other to go after their dreams and be their true selves while learning to trust each other. I really like the plot and main conflict between local, family-owned bakeries and the bigger corporation, Deals Deals. It made the stakes very high while putting this story in a very realistic context. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this! There were many laughs, many tears, and many butterflies. It has all the romance I wanted and all the family relationships I wanted as well. I would definitely recommend it.