Cute YA

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I thought this YA book was a cute twist on Romeo & Juliet. I was first drawn to the book by the cover after spotting it at the library. I liked the idea of reading about families that have been warring for many, many years.

It has all the typical pieces of a great YA story- family drama, loss, romance, friendship, and finding yourself. The pacing was great, except for a bit of repetitiveness in the middle that caused the story to slow. The story became overall focused on Lari and college. I enjoyed Lari’s character a lot. I felt like she was very relatable. Pedro grew on me after awhile. He’s a real jerk in the beginning.

I loved all of the food references too. So many things I hadn’t heard of before and needed to look up, including quindim.

Overall, this is a cute YA that I’d recommend to people who like family drama and reimaginings.