Ahhh I love this book

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This book was so cute! First off, I love the cover! I think it is so cute and definitely grabs attention. The title is also perfect for the book and I love that its also the names of the bakeries in the book. Additionally, I liked that it was about baking...I really enjoy books that talk about food and yummy treats. I also think it is great that you get to see a different cultural perspective. I think that books that add this are great because it promotes awareness to other cultures and allows you to learn more about them while doing something fun. Enemies to lovers is a very popular trope and I think Rebecca Carvalho did a great job developing this romance using that trope. I would say this book is for younger readers, probably young adults. However, I am 21 years old and I still really enjoyed it so honestly, anyone can read it. I thought the style of writing was simple and good. This was a very fun read!