A battle between families. Twist on Romeo and Juliet.

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This book is very much reminding me of Romeo and Juliet, sweet and savory with lots of hills to walk over. This book shows how strong families are and what makes them stay together.

I sat down and read this book in one day! It was so nice and calm and enjoyable. I highly suggest this book if you are reading for a light relaxing mood. Now, I had a friend that said they weren't a big fan of this book but let me borrow their copy anyway so I could give my opinions. Plus with the hundreds of books I read every year, I'm always down to read a new book and be able to discuss it with friends and family.

This story takes place in Brazil, and while I have never personally been to Brazil, boy do I want to go now! The way the area was explained in this book was absolutely perfect and so imaginable! The author did a great job at creating enough visual detail for the reader!

And the PASSION of everyone! It was so admirable and one of my favorite parts of the entire book!

Highly recommend!