Love and Tears

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Within the first few pages I was already crying. The good kind of crying where a book makes you remember wonderful memories of past experiences. The cover may have been what drew me in, but wow am I already in love with this story.

The way Salt was described I could picture everything and felt as though I had been transported to the actual place. I also just felt I could relate to much to what Lari was feeling in the wake of her grandmothers death. The feeling as though you have to keep it together for your family. You can tell how close she was to her grandmother based on her memories, and I am hopeful these continue through the rest of the story.

I also want to see the Molinas' get what is coming to them, because I cannot believe they would pull making empanadas on this day. I feel like this made me more mad and upset than anything in Romeo and Juliet. This is why I am already completely hooked on this book and I cannot wait to read more of it!