Has got to be my dream book

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I love the cover- already showing some competition with the whole Salt vs. Sugar thing.

Already, this book has me sucked in. We have so much to unpack- how Lari feels like less of a person because she can't cook like her family (Mirabel?), a feud going back generations, and a ruined wedding cake.

I just feel so bad for Lari and her Mother. They're struggling with the loss of a loved one, while still trying to keep Salt open. They have to deal with sneaky, underhanded tactics from the Molinas on top of that. I feel upset on their behalf..

Anyways, I just hate how the Molinas have no shame, you know? They're open even though Julieta is gone, rubbing in the fact that they snatched the wedding gig from under the Ramieres's noses, stomping on the deal decades ago- it's just so slimy.

But the way the excerpt ended? THE CLIFFHANGER? I got a feeling that the person Lari ran into is Pedro. I'm really excited to see how they go from love to hate, and how they both develop as people.