Girl Meets Boy and So Much More

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Roomies seems like a typical Girl Meets Boy story. There's a girl, she falls in love, and then her life is better. And it is that. But yet it is much more.

Holland Bakker has a crush-- a hard crush on "Jack", a subway guitarist. After her uncle's head musician quits his orchestra, Holland takes her uncle to see Calvin ("Jack") play. Sadly, Calvin is here illegally from Ireland. To be able to help her uncle-- who has done so much for her-- and out of the appreciation of Calvin's musical ability, Holland marries Calvin. From there, their relationship plot points are predictable.

However, in this time, we watch Holland's character develop. From figuring out what and who she wants in her life, Holland learns to believe and trust in herself.

I enjoyed this book due to the fact that the characters are likable. Stories, that have some predictable plot points, don't work when the characters are not well written. Holland would be someone you'd have coffee with and I want her uncles to be part of my family! Highly recommend for someone who wants fun women's literature book to read!