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Ah! Where do I start with this one? I always, always, always enjoy a Christina Lauren book! I know that is a ton of exclamation points. But it is so true. I have never read a bad book by these aurthors. I love the rom com, romance, and steamy words that fill these pages. And throw in a sexy ass Irishman? I am so down it's not even a question. I love the idea of Roomies. I love the somewhat slow burn of the two main characters. I found this book sweet and endearing. And it's these stories are always loaded with romance. The idea of someone here illegally and falls in love with a beautiful woman...really had me intrigued. Not because it does not happen. But because we seldom read about it in fiction. Or at least I haven't read alot about it. Anyway, this is just another fantastic novel on the list of these writers!!