Sounds Cute, but not too believable

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I love stories set in NYC, but this whirlwind romance doesn't sound too believable. Holland is saved by Calvin from a would be subway attacker, then she gives him a break with musical contacts and he lands a spot on Broadway. If only it were that easy. Then his student visa is about to expire and she offers to marry him and move in together? I don't know how believable that is. Especially in NYC where there is a lot of scams going on and you can't be too trusting of people. Especially those you meet on the subway! I just hope things end up working out for Holland in this fantasy romance since I don't think it's too believable in real life and because she put A LOT on the line for this stranger - marrying him just so he can live his dream in America. I won't be reading this one, but if you like sweet, candy-coated romances, this one's for you. I do like the cover though with the NYC city skyline, but I've seen this same cover everywhere. I do like the added touch of the wedding bands in the Title.