Unique and beautiful

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This is definately not my usual type of book. I had a harder time getting through it, not because it wasn't a good book it just wasn't my style. I enjoyed the different pov that the authors used, and I did like that it was written in a different time. It was just a little slower and very detailed. I enjoyed learning about how life was between the Palestinians and the Jewish people, it was tough and all the prejudice was awful. The people in the book were Muslim and their lovers were Jewish, and reading how they had to die their relationship and their love. The tragedy that Rasheed and Natalia went through, but Rasheed gaining his son 😢 This book will definately have your heartstrings pulling, and you will feel just how loved each person is. I do wish the story had put more about rasheeda. Even the relationship between brother and sister was beautiful, even with how taboo certain topics were they were able to be open and talk to eachother and learn from eachother.